Most outsourcing companies are simply connecting you with a virtual assistant, someone work from his/her home. These companies don’t get involved much beyond that. While the concept of working from home is popular and successful in Western countries, it is challenging when hiring someone from developing countries like Philippines and India. Houses are very small, most virtual assistants overseas can’t afford high speed internet connection, or quite place to work.


Pinoy For Hire, hire people in person, train them to work as virtual assistants, and provide them suitable work environment ( quite office to work, reliable internet connection, necessary training and even monitor the work quality provided to the client). We ensure they have all necessary factor to succeed.


Immediately, we have already trained Virtual Assistants who can start immediately.

SEO, Lead Generation, Web Administrator, Data Entry, Book keeper, and any general type of general VA.

We will go through our process, of interviewing people in person, once we find suitable VA, we will let you interview him/her, if he/she qualifies, we will place her to start immediately on our office.

15 Mbps, and the difference is big, if you never been to a developing country, you may have a hard time understand the regular internet speed ( think dial up days ). The reason that most people have slow internet is not lack of availability but Cost. Considering income level, Only businesses tend to purchase high speed internet.

Most of our VAs are working 9 – 5 PM Philippines time ( with 1 hour lunch break ). This being said we understand some client may have different requirements. We will work with you to have a VA who can work with your hours if that is necessary. Philippines time has 12 hr difference from EST.

Yes, we have on site trainers who would be able to provide her / him training on new tools.

Our U.S. Office is located in Novi, Michigan, and you can reach us through phone, email, and skype. Our team here works with our Office in Philippines to ensure seamless experience.

Yes, we will place your VAs close by and ensure they have the right place to collaborate.

The regular hours are 9 – 5 Philippines Time. However, we understand different business has different needs. This is why we offer with our Full Time VA service VAs can work at your work hours. If you subscribed under the Full Time VA, you can ask that the VA works per your schedule and time zone.

The reason VA can work with different time zone like U.S. timing is only available with Full Time, is that Virtual Assistant will have to be in the office, and we need to ensure the safety of the VA. If the Virtual Assistant working in U.S. EST time for example, they will come in at 9 PM Philippines time to the office and leave early in the morning. If we would make them available on half time, we will be risking the the VA leave the office or come at hours that might be un-safe and inconvenient for them to be on the street.

We are aware you may want to try our service, test it package is the best way to help you decide if you like our service. You can pay for 1 time $49 and get 8 hours of VA service. It is simply there to test drive our service.

Our phone support is available from 3 pm to 12 pm EST ( Eastern Time ) from Monday to Friday, and from 9 am – 9 pm in Saturday.