About Us

Pinoy For Hire is a U.S. based company Located in Michigan, USA. With a branch overseas. The agency was officially started in June of 2016 as a subsidiary of Panda CashBack LLC. The Company was launched with a mission of providing an affordable Personal Assistants service for small business owners.


Pinoy For Hire offers its client a convenient timing to communicate with their employees, an office environment for the employees to work in, and ensure they have all the necessary tools to succeed.


What Make Us Unique ?

Prior to us, there were two type of companies :

1 – Outsourcing companies that get the job, they assign it internally.

2 – Freelancing Companies, which their job to get you connected with a freelancer.

You can hire someone and once they are hired, they have minimum to no interaction between the client and the freelancer for anything but payment.

If you have tried outsourcing in the past using either solution, you have already experienced one of the following issues :

  • Unqualified Assistant
  • Lack of communication
  • Lack of Interaction with middle company
  • Weak Internet Connection
  • Difficulty with language barriers
  • Lack of suitable work environment

As we built our service we made sure it addressed those issues. PinoyForHire, is unique in the way the service works. Our human resources team is involved directly in day-to-day operation. We collect your request, match you with your own virtual assistant, and once you have chosen an assistant to hire, he/she will be assigned to your account. We provide your virtual assistant with a healthy work environment in an office that works hand in hand with our HR team to ensure constant and effective communication or address any concerns that you may have. The office has 2 separate internet line from 2 separate providers ensuring high speed internet availability at all times to all employees all the time. When clients hire multiple team members, we ensure they are working as a team together to be able to collaborate effectively.

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