How Do We Find and hire reliable talented Filipino Virtual Assistants ?

To find and hire reliable talented filipino virtual assistants, is a pretty hard job, so how does Pinoy For Hire do it ? We get this question a lot from prospective clients especially those who struggled with talent through directly hiring freelancers or other agencies in the space, so I decide to shade some light […]

Before you hire your first virtual assistant

First, Congratulation ! If you reading this post it mean that your business has a lot of tasks going around, and more likely than not it is having more growth in income. So, your business is slammed with a lot of to do list, right and left. You know you need help but you are […]

Virtual Assistant : You are an Ambassador for your own country

In 2008, I received a scholarship to continue my Master degree in Information Security in U.S. As part of the preparation, the Ministry of High Education gathered all the scholar students and took them through 1 day orientation. The minister of High Education back then started the day by saying a word that resonated with […]

How to efficiently Plan Your daily schedule

Virtual Assistants Guide : How to efficiently Plan Your daily schedule

Virtual Assistants Guide : Time Management Tips

Virtual Assistant Guide Tips do and don't

Virtual Assistants Guide : The Do and Don’t

This is how our story begins

Pinoy For Hire : Our Story

To all of our dear customers, employees, and visitors, welcome to our first blog post @pinoyforhire. I thought hard and long about what would be a good topic to share in my first post. The purpose of the blog is really nothing but a way to share the story of our company, and we all […]