Before you hire your first virtual assistant

First, Congratulation ! If you reading this post it mean that your business has a lot of tasks going around, and more likely than not it is having more growth in income. So, your business is slammed with a lot of to do list, right and left. You know you need help but you are not sure who to hire, or where to start,all you know that there is so much on your shoulder than you can handle, and well hiring a virtual assistant sounds about right.

Well, before you jump into calling virtual assistant agencies, or looking up freelancer, take a deep breath and start follow these steps :

  • What tasks can I outsource : This is the first and most important place to get started, identify the tasks that can be outsourced, write them down. When defining tasks, make sure they are as defined as possible, as clear as possible, don’t hire a virtual assistant to increase your social media presence unless you able to point out what tasks does that involved ? create¬† posts, … etc.
  • Be realistic with your tasks & expectations : So, I have had potential clients asking if they can hire web developers for $600 – $700, well the short answer you can, but don’t count on quality. Also, don’t expect the virtual assistant to replace you, that is a common mistake, the virtual assistant is there to be your right hand, but you need to be real, don’t ask the virtual assistant to do 40 hrs work in 20 hrs, be reasonable with tasks and expectations. Don’t get your virtual assistant burned out.
  • Decide if you want to hire a freelancer or an agency ? You need to understand there are a lot of difference, freelancers are of course cheaper for the most part, agencies are more reliable. Many virtual assistant agency offer backup person at no cost, offer the right resources, freelancers can work from home at lower cost, but they may not have any of these privileges (low sped internet, .. etc). If your task require training, don’t go with freelancer, no matter who long they will support you, there come a point where they leave you hanging. So, think if you got reliable virtual assistant for years and one morning he / she left how bad would that be for you. I stopped hiring freelancers long time ago for that exact reason.
  • Be prepared first : Before you jump in paying for a virtual assistant, take some time, make sure you have the right training material, most importantly the time to train your new virtual assistant.

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