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Pinoy For Hire : Our Story

To all of our dear customers, employees, and visitors, welcome to our first blog post @pinoyforhire.

I thought hard and long about what would be a good topic to share in my first post. The purpose of the blog is really nothing but a way to share the story of our company, and we all know if you got to tell a story you better start from the beginning.

Well, in 2012 I started a cashback company called, Panda CashBack, great website for people to shop online and earn rebate.

Launch of in 2012

With our site expansion, there was a natural need for talent. As any small business owner, I tried to hire freelancers/assistants online ( cost was a major concern ). I struggled for years, out of every 100 I interview 1 or 2 would end up hired, and out of those I hired 1 out of 20 at best is around for more than 6 months, I would be lucky to get 1 reliable virtual assistant who would do the job long enough. It was truly frustrating experience to me. Of course the alternative was to hire someone here in U.S. that would cost more money than our revenue at the time.

In 2016, I decided to get the few team members who works for me in the Philippines and showed reliability to help me launch an office. I explained to them I am looking to launch a virtual assistant service that take the frustration of small business owner away. Where we can have talent, reliability, accountability all together in one place, to be the true reliable virtual assistant service for small business that they can afford.

The team was able to put together a plan, we traveled together, and after thoughtful search, we were able to locate the right office, the next step was for us to find the right candidate. Thanks to our HR Lead, that part worked great.

Pinoy For Hire recruiting day

It didn’t take us much more time before our Team put together the first training event together.

Panda Cash Back Team preparing 1st Orientation & Training for Pinoyforhire & TopSEOVAs

After a month of hard work, I flied back to Michigan to launch our website and start offering the service to potential clients leaving the branch in the safe hands of our team members who have done a wonderful job expanding the operation, and running it efficiently.

Thanks to our team there, we wouldn’t be able to get here without each and every team member hard work. It is an honor for me to work with you.

Mohammed K.

CEO & Founder

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